Building a Better Body
Individualized Training for your Personal Goals

personal support is a vital component of a fitness based life-style change

Hello!  Here at Inner Engine Fitness, I am interested in your health and well-being.  You and I can co-create your new future by focusing on nutrition and daily habits, discovering together what makes you feel great.  Life should be enjoyed, and when you are bogged down by environmental toxins and damaging foods, your body tends to get run down.  I invite you to embark on a health tune-up.  Your body will open up to a brand new perspective, enabling you to feel healthy again.  Those youthful days are not gone; they are just waiting for you to unveil them today.  I can help you to appreciate the soul you have and learn to cherish your body and mind.  Join me in transforming your daily life into a true awakening journey!

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Personal training.

If you’d like more information about personal training, email me at or call me at 206-766-0210.

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